Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Musical Artistry comes to the Shed

Last weekend the newly formed band 'Rondeaux' took to the Fettlers Shed to record a couple of tracks for the 'Buzz Grant' they are applying for.
With renovations and repairs to the shed nearly complete, the group took advantage of the time between exhibitions to see if the roof was firmly fixed down by testing it with some high powered music.
The Buzz Grant they have applied for is available to youth bands to encourage careers within the music industry.

Pictured above are group members Simmo (Bassist) and
Brenno (Rhythm and Lead guitar), with Jess on the Drums.

Pictured on the left is Jack (Vocalist), and below Simmo gives some backup vocals.

The Fettlers Shed will soon have the renovations finished, with exhibitions planned for the near future.
Rondeaux plan to use the facility, when available, to put together original material for the CD they are working towards.