Thursday, April 5, 2007

Paintings For The Birds

Penny Levett's Exhibition starts Tomorrow and promises to be of interest to those who appreciate watercolour and ink works.

Pictured here, with "Enjoy the Garden" - one of 12 finalists in a major art exhibition held in conjunction with the Southern Highlands Photographic Society, Penny is inspired by the colour and shape of the subjects she captures.

"Many of my paintings and drawings are detailed, yet design orientated in their lines, a habit gained from the exactness required in my computer artwork background".

Penny, who has a diploma in Graphic Design, has studied many disciplines including silk screening and calligraphy along with establishing a graphic design and retail management agency.

Since relocating to the Southern Highlands 5 years ago, Penny has been studying watercolour and other mediums under the tutorage of local artists and, although proficient in computer based art, prefers the traditional methods. "I do not use computer enhancement to produce my work, preferring the freedom of hand work".

Her exhibition will run weekends 10-4pm throughout April with the official opening to be held Sat 7th of April from 11am to 1pm.