Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Farewell Exhibition

I has been a great time getting this web site up and going, though the time has come for me to throw in the towel as webmaster.
I have enjoyed bringing the exhibitions of the Fettlers Shed to you and I hope you have enjoyed viewing them.
We have all had a ball here, though the time has come for me to move to new arenas.

If you are interested in carrying on the work of promoting art and culture in the Robertson area, please email Leanne at fettlers_shed@yahoo.com.au.

I have included a work, below, as this is a exhibition website.
It is entitled: "Water under the Bridge".

Thank you one and all.

David Young
Webmaster for the Fettlers Shed Gallery

Saturday, August 18, 2007

75Th anniversary draws a crowd

The 75Th birthday celebrations were a success for Robertson Station, as was the response to the exhibition held at the gallery. Hundreds turned up to see the 3830 and 3801 and stayed for the official opening and book release on the history of the line, officiated by the Minister for Housing and Tourism, The Honourable Matt Brown.

The day stayed fine till the end, and was supported musically by the fine efforts of the Robertson Primary school Band and Choir.
A credit to the organising skills of the Robertson Heritage Railway Society, and community participation in general.

Friday, August 17, 2007

75Th Anniversary of the Robertson Station

Tomorrow we celebrate the 75Th anniversary of The Robertson Railway Station.
The line that connects the Illawarra to Mossvale was commenced in 1927 and completed in 1932.

The Robertson Railway society are holding celebrations and an exhibition of interest, relating to the rail history of the area, will be on display at the Fettlers Shed.
The area that incorporates the Gallery and the Robertson Station includes a sculpture by the famous artist Bert Flugelman, and a garden dedicated to the original people of this area and early pioneers, the Reconciliation Garden. A great day has been planned for the celebrations, and the Railway society are wished well for their 75Th.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Musical Artistry comes to the Shed

Last weekend the newly formed band 'Rondeaux' took to the Fettlers Shed to record a couple of tracks for the 'Buzz Grant' they are applying for.
With renovations and repairs to the shed nearly complete, the group took advantage of the time between exhibitions to see if the roof was firmly fixed down by testing it with some high powered music.
The Buzz Grant they have applied for is available to youth bands to encourage careers within the music industry.

Pictured above are group members Simmo (Bassist) and
Brenno (Rhythm and Lead guitar), with Jess on the Drums.

Pictured on the left is Jack (Vocalist), and below Simmo gives some backup vocals.

The Fettlers Shed will soon have the renovations finished, with exhibitions planned for the near future.
Rondeaux plan to use the facility, when available, to put together original material for the CD they are working towards.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Paintings For The Birds

Penny Levett's Exhibition starts Tomorrow and promises to be of interest to those who appreciate watercolour and ink works.

Pictured here, with "Enjoy the Garden" - one of 12 finalists in a major art exhibition held in conjunction with the Southern Highlands Photographic Society, Penny is inspired by the colour and shape of the subjects she captures.

"Many of my paintings and drawings are detailed, yet design orientated in their lines, a habit gained from the exactness required in my computer artwork background".

Penny, who has a diploma in Graphic Design, has studied many disciplines including silk screening and calligraphy along with establishing a graphic design and retail management agency.

Since relocating to the Southern Highlands 5 years ago, Penny has been studying watercolour and other mediums under the tutorage of local artists and, although proficient in computer based art, prefers the traditional methods. "I do not use computer enhancement to produce my work, preferring the freedom of hand work".

Her exhibition will run weekends 10-4pm throughout April with the official opening to be held Sat 7th of April from 11am to 1pm.

Friday, March 9, 2007

March exhibition starts today

A new collective of artists are showing their works at the Fettlers Shed Gallery starting today.
Pictured is Graeme Jones, well known local artist, with a piece that is due for judging in this years Royal Easter Show. Entitled "Merging Traffic", it is one of four works he has on display.
Last year Graeme received at first place in the Royal Easter Show for his work entitled "Willowfield" in the class 10 rural subject division.
Other artists involved in the collective are Ken Atfield, Ray Cooper, Angela Jones, Josina Metcalfe, and Mike Nolan.
The works displayed cover a wide range of subject matter ranging from portraits to Landscapes.
Well worth a visit as this is some of the most professional work you will see gathered in one gallery.
Open from 10 -4pm, weekends, for the next six weeks.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Summer Break Exhibition

Photo by Louise Star

The Summer Break exhibition has proven to be a great success and made use of time when the Gallery would usually be closed.
As an open exhibition, subjects ranged from landscapes to macro photography, with stunning examples in black and white, colour and infra red.

Manned by a collective consisting of Marjo Hallowell, Richard Jones, Andrew Jones, Denis Wilson and David Young (with a great deal of help from Roger Jones), the exhibition spanned 6 weeks with the official opening held on the 10Th of February.

The opening was planned to precede the farewell concert held by Anthony 'Bones' Bonito, giving the area an artistic collaborative event.
The exhibition may be viewed till the 25Th of February.